Our team consists of 7 specialists: developers, designers, layout designers, programmers, illustrators, project managers. Experts have sufficient competence to create a site from scratch and until ready. But that is not all. We have been cooperating with leading promotion companies for 7 years, whose specialists we will be happy to bring to work on your project.

We perform the basic filling of the resource with the content that you provide. If you need to write high-quality texts from scratch, you can order this service for a fee.

Sure! Our company does not develop similar sites. Before starting work, we will study your business, competitors, target audience, so that you get a profitable, recognizable for customers resource that is convenient to use.

If you compare the cost of a comfortable chair and a plastic chair in a furniture store, then the price of the first one will also seem high. However, if you just need a chair (an efficient and easy-to-manage resource), then WhiteCup.net pricing is quite justified. When ordering our services, you do not give money to the void, but invest it in a project, which will then be a regular source of profit.

The cost of the Internet project - The price is determined depending on the complexity of your task, the volume and scope of work. We will prepare an individual offer for you and provide a discount when ordering the development of several sites. You can pay by installments.

Initially, we perform prototyping: researching business, competitors. Based on the data received, a layout is being developed - a plan for the future site. After making the necessary changes and agreeing on the prototype, a contract is concluded and the design phase begins. We create the "appearance" of the main and internal pages of the resource. After the client approves the final design, he signs the corresponding act, after which the specialists proceed with the layout. Next comes the programming stage - writing code and setting up the CMS, then testing is performed. In conclusion, the client signs an act of completion, and our specialists train his employees to work with the resource.

The cost of this service is from $ 200. We offer technical support, including scheduled and individual work. The planned activities include the following activities: maintaining the availability of the resource, searching and removing viruses, removing duplicates and blank pages. Individual work includes improvements in design, layout, programming, writing and adding new modules. The price is determined depending on the type of work that you need to perform.

The term of the work depends on the volume and complexity of the task before us. On average, our customers receive a ready-made resource 1 month after the start of cooperation. Large portals can take over six months, and a small online store can be ready after a few weeks.

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